Movies that were shot in Paris

There are literally countless movies that were shot in the capital of France in Paris so in this short article we will just list and introduce you some of the most popular ones. Da Vinci Code Probably one of the most famous one is the American mystery thriller movie the Da Vinci Code which was …

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Exhibition on the Tudors

The exhibition ‘The Tudors’ will be shown at the Musèe Luxembourg in Paris from the middle of March until the middle of July in 2015. The major exhibition on the Tudors is the first overall exhibition on this topic in Paris and in the whole country as well. The Tudors is one of the most …

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Paris Marathon 2015

The capital city of France, Paris hosts some of the nicest events every year. This year will not be any different from the previous years either. As Paris is one of the most popular tourist destination in whole Europe it is not surprising that the city has countless various programs and activities through the whole …

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Top events in Paris in 2015

Which are the top events in Paris in 2015? In this article we will list some of the nicest programs in 2015. Paris is the capital city of France and one of the most visited and most popular cities in whole Europe and in the world. Paris is not only the fashion capital but also …

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U2 concert in Paris in 2015

In the middle of November next year U2 will give some concerts in the capital of France in Paris. U2 is an Irish rock band which was formed in 1976. The band went through some major line up changes during the years and it consists of Bono, the lead singer of the band, The Edge, …

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