Paris liberated – Exhibition in Carnavalet Museum

This exhibition is about the liberation of Paris in images. In 1944 November France and the allies were still fighting and they were just liberated and the very first exhibition on the Liberation took place at the Carnavalet Museum in Paris, France. Nearly three quarters of a century later on the 70th anniversary of the …

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Fantastic light in Versailles

Les Grandes Eaux nocturnes, that is the name of the magical fountain show which takes place in Versailles, France. The show unfolds front of your eyes and the fountains of Versailles take the main role in this beautiful show. The fountains are lighted up in a thousand colours and during the show with the play …

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Which hotel has the nicest flowers in Paris?

After traveling around the world several times I am tired of plastic flowers in hotels. That is why I am looking for the hotel in Paris with the nicest fresh flowers? We can not guarantee that this is the answer that will be true for everyone, but if you are looking for a hotel with …

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Which hotel in Paris has the best view?

Are you out looking for a hotel in Paris with a beautiful view? Want to combine your magnificent view with a stunning five star hotel experience? We have earlier written an article on the best five star hotels in Paris, so if you have not read that article yet, make sure to read that one. …

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Lauryn Hill Paris 2014

Do you like the voice of Lauryn Hill? Then you should come to Paris on September 13th and to the concert venue La Cigale Theatre.  The former Fugees singer, and of course the main singer and the one with the main role in Sister Act 2 will come to Paris, and you are of course …

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