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  • Formula 1 – returning to the Netherlands in 2020

    Those in love with speeds are really happy to see that the Formula 1 racers will come to the Netherlands to race in 2020. Dutch Grand Prix Zandvoort will be arranged on May 3rd in 2020, so get ready for action and fun if you come to the Netherlands in this period. More information about […] […]

  • What is the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest?

    Would you like to go to a cinema and watch a movie while in Budapest? Or are you simply curious about the cost of a cinema ticket in Budapest? Here you will find an answer to your question! If you plan on going to the cinema while in Budapest, you will most likely enter a […] L’article […]

  • Some pictures from the Spring fair in Budapest

    We have just released our article about the upcoming Spring fair in Budapest containing the dates for the market, and all the other information you need. But, do you still lack inspiration? Don’t feel sure about whether it is worth coming to Budapest for the spring markets or not? Take a look […]

  • Three amazing upcoming art-exhibitions in Budapest!

    Budapest is known to be the home of Palinka, juicy sausages, tasty salami, the Chimney Cake, fantastic Christmas markets, beautiful ladies… and awesome art-exhibitions! If the latter is something that interests you, check out these three hot upcoming exhibitions in Budapest! If you take a […]

  • Who is coming to Sziget 2020? The first bands have been announced!

    The Sziget Festival in Budapest is all about music, about music, and about friendship. Many people come to the festival, no matter which artists decide to come… simply because they love the atmosphere and the community. Others, however, take a look at the list of artists first, and based on […]

  • Norway vs. Serbia – Euro 2020 qualification

    On March 26th, it will be time for Norway to play against Serbia in the semi-final for the Euro 2020 qualification playoff. The Norwegians are small favorites in front of the match, but they are well prepared, knowing that Mitrovic and the rest of the Serbian squad will fight for their lives to win […]

  • The easiest way to order a pizza to your hotel/apartment in Budapest!

    Are you a tourist stranded in an apartment or in a hotel room, but don’t actually want to leave it? Maybe someone got sick, and now you have to cancel your night out, and instead, you just want to order some quick and easy food to your hotel? How and where can it be done? […] […]

  • How can Hungary get to the European Championship in football in 2020?

    After their somewhat big success during the European Championship in football in 2016, the Hungarians are hungry for more. The fact that three matches during the European Championship actually will be played in Hungary, makes it even more interesting. But, how can the Hungarians get to the European […]

  • A great place for a cheap lunch near Vaci Utca in Budapest – Kajahu

    Are you a tourist who wants to eat a cheap lunch in the heart of Budapest? Are you getting some shopping done in Vaci utca, and now you want to eat lunch, without spending 20-40 euros per person? If you visit a normal restaurant in Vaci utca, you can easily end up spending 10 Euro […] […]

  • Nine dinners in Budapest you will remember for a long time!

    Are you looking for suggestions on places to eat in Budapest? Here we have compiled a list of nine dinner opportunities that for sure will give you many memories and experiences to remember for a long time. We don’t expect you to consider all nine suggestions just as good, but, we are sure […]

  • Hungary in the Euro 2020 in Handball!

    The European Championship in Handball is currently arranged in Austria, Sweden, and Norway, and the Hungarians surprised us all and won their initial group. That was a giant surprise, especially considering that they have to play against the Danes, the team considered to be the best in the world […]

  • Kazimir in Budapest – Worth a visit?

    If you get hungry while walking the streets of the seventh district in Budapest, often referred to as the Jewish ghetto of Budapest, you might bump into a restaurant named Kazimir. Is it a place worth visiting? Is it a kosher restaurant? The restaurant named Kazimir is located in the Kazinczy […]

  • Pictures from the Christmas markets in Vienna

    Have you been to the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019 already? Or are you coming? Or are you at home crying because you cannot visit the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019? No matter what your answer is, here you have some pictures to cheer you up and bring the Viennese Christmas atmosphere to […]

  • The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square is shining!

    Every year, the country of Norway gives a Christmas tree to the city of London as a thank you for their support during the Second World War. This is the most famous Christmas tree in England and every year it is placed on Trafalgar Square. A few years ago, someone compared it to a cucumber, ... […]

  • Lower prices on airport transfers in Prague!

    Christmas is approaching, and to celebrate the festivities and joy of Christmas, we have lowered the prices of our airport transfer services in Prague. An airport transfer is an ideal way to start your trip to Prague. It will take you quickly and efficiently to your hotel, and it will help you save […]