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  • Discover Vienna in 12-hours

    Are you going to have a one-day stop in Vienna? Do you have 12 hours in which you want to discover as much as possible? Here is our suggestion for a 12-hour program in Vienna. You can discover large parts of Vienna in 12 hours if you have a well-planned program. You can jump on ... Continue reading […]

  • What is the distance from Prague Airport to downtown Prague?

    Václav Havel Airport is the official name of the airport in Prague. It is located within the city borders, but still outside the heart of the city. What is the distance between the airport and downtown Prague? The official airport in Prague is enjoying more and more passengers every single […]

  • What is the distance between Fiumicino Airport and the Ciampino Airport?

    Rome has two busy international airports, the Fiumicino Airport (also known as Leonardo da Vinci), and the Ciampino Airport. Are they far away from one another? Will you arrive at the Ciampino Airport in Rome, but need to get to the Fiumicino Airport? Do you have some friends arriving at the […]

  • How much times does it take to get from Lisbon Airport to the city center with a taxi?

    I will be in a hurry as I travel to Lisbon, and need to get to my hotel as soon as possible. How much time does it usually take to get from the airport to a hotel downtown in Lisbon? Lisbon Airport is a quite central airport, compared to airports in lots of other European ... Continue reading […]

  • Ajax vs. Rosenborg, Europe League qualification

    Last year Ajax Amsterdam got all the way to the Europe League final. This year they can play in the Europe League again, but first, they have to beat Rosenborg in the last qualification round. A couple of days ago both Ajax Amsterdam and Rosenborg played for a spot in the Champions League. Neither […]

  • How to visit a brewery in Budapest?

    Would you like to visit a brewery while in Budapest? Does it sound good with some fresh beer, made on the spot? Here is the information you need. Budapest is not known especially well for its beer production. When people travel to the Czech Republic, they all go to taste their local beer. When they […]

  • Serie A kick-off in Italy and in Rome

    On August 20th kick-off will be taken in Serie A for the 2017-18 season. On the first match-day, you can watch Lazio play at home against Spal at the Olympics Stadium in Rome. Whenever Lazio plays at the Olympics Stadium, there are normally around 20,000 spectators present. One week later, at […]

  • What’s the weather like in Dublin right now?

    That is a brilliant question. It is most likely raining, but if you want to find out for sure, we can now help you. For a long time our weather site was not working, but now we have fixed it. As a consequence, you can yet again find the actual Dublin weather, and you can ... Continue reading […]

  • Barcelona vs Real Betis, LaLiga kick-off 2017

    On August 20th, the national day of Hungary (who cares), it is time for kick-off in the Spanish top league. Barcelona will play against Real Betis at Nou Camp. FC Barcelona had a disappointing season in 2016-17. They did not win LaLiga and they did not win the Champions League either. They proved […]

  • LaLiga kick-off in Madrid

    On August 20th the new season of LaLiga football will start in Spain. Already on the first match day, you can come to Madrid to watch fantastic football. We all know and love both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. If you come to Madrid on August 20th, you will, however, not be able to watch ... […]

  • PSG – Amiens SC, Ligue 1 kick-off 2017-18 season

    August 4th will be the date for the Ligue 1 kick-off in the new season. Last years champions AS Monaco will play against Toulouse. On August 5th at 17.00 the next match in the new season will be played, and that will be between PSG and Amiens SC. Amiens SC is a new team in ... Continue reading […]

  • Premier League kick-off in London

    On August 11th in 2017, it is time for the Premier League kick-off in the 2017-2018 season. The kick-off will be made at Emirates Stadium in London where Arsenal will play against Everton. London is the capital of England and what better place to have the Premier League kick-off, than in the […]

  • UEFA EURO 2017 in Holland

    The Netherlands will arrange the UEFA Euro 2017 in the period between July 16th and August 6th. The matches will be played at venues in seven different cities, but unfortunately Amsterdam isn’t one of those. Female football has for a long time been despised and looked down at, but things […]

  • Hidden gems in Prague to discover on your next visit

    Have you been to Prague several times? Have you seen the Charles Bridge, the Vitus Cathedral and the Astronomical clock several times? Would you like to discover something new? Prague is a magnificent city, with some magnificent attractions. If you have not visited the town yet, you should of […]

  • How to get to the Danube Arena in Budapest?

    Would you like to get to the Danube Arena in Budapest for the FINA World Championship in 2017? Coming from the city center or from the airport? This is how! The FINA World Championship will be arranged in Budapest between July 14th and July 30th in 2017. In this period the brand new venue named […]