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  • UEFA EURO 2017 in Holland

    The Netherlands will arrange the UEFA Euro 2017 in the period between July 16th and August 6th. The matches will be played at venues in seven different cities, but unfortunately Amsterdam isn’t one of those. Female football has for a long time been despised and looked down at, but things […]

  • Hidden gems in Prague to discover on your next visit

    Have you been to Prague several times? Have you seen the Charles Bridge, the Vitus Cathedral and the Astronomical clock several times? Would you like to discover something new? Prague is a magnificent city, with some magnificent attractions. If you have not visited the town yet, you should of […]

  • How to get to the Danube Arena in Budapest?

    Would you like to get to the Danube Arena in Budapest for the FINA World Championship in 2017? Coming from the city center or from the airport? This is how! The FINA World Championship will be arranged in Budapest between July 14th and July 30th in 2017. In this period the brand new venue named […]

  • What to do when it is too hot in Lisbon?

    It can get extremely hot in Lisbon in the summer, and on such days, you just want to find shadow and get a cold drink. But, what else should one do on such a hot summer day in Lisbon? There are quite a lot of programs suitable for people in Lisbon, even on the warmest ... Continue reading […]

  • Andrea Bocelli concert in Prague 2018

    Want to combine a trip to Prague in May with the annual Marathon, the annual Beer festival and an Andrea Bocelli concert? Sounds like a treat, doesn’t it? We do not have the dates for the Czech Beer festival yet in 2018, but it will probably be arranged around this period. The annual […]

  • Andrea Bocelli in Antwerpen 2018

    On January 20th you can enjoy cold weather and a fantastic atmosphere in Sportpaleis if you decide to visit Antwerpen. Andrea Bocelli will come to town, and even though it might be minus degree and a cold win, your heart will get warm as you listen to the beautiful voice of Mr. Bocelli. It is ... […]

  • Andrea Bocelli in Vienna 2018

    On March 24th Andrea Bocelli will sing from the stage in Wiener Stadthalle. Would you like to be there to listen? It is 100% possible. While other artists like Coldplay, U2 and Bruno Mars have five concerts a week during their tours, Andrea Bocelli is taking it in a much nicer pace. In 2018 he ... […]

  • Andrea Bocelli Zagreb 2018

    On the tenth of March fans of beautiful music should be in the Zagreb Arena. Andrea Bocelli will sign and amaze with his voice, and you can  buy tickets for the event if you want to! Not long ago Zagreb was said to be the most interesting destination to visit in Europe in 2017 by Read More The […]

  • Andrea Bocelli Budapest 2017

    On November 25th it is time for a fantastic concert in the Budapest Sportarena. Andrea Bocelli will enchant the audience in the arena with his beautiful voice. Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer. He was born in 1958, and in the first twelve years of his life he could actually see in part. But, due […]

  • How to get from Krakow Airport to Krakow center with public transportation?

    I would like to travel from Krakow Airport to the city center using public transportation (not taxi). How can that be done and how much will it cost? The John Paul II Balice International Airport opened in September 2015 and has since then turned into a giant portal for travelers coming to and from […]

  • Andrea Bocelli concert on November 19th

    The 19th of November in 2017 Andrea Bocelli will come to perform in Bratislava. This is a part of his 2017 tour, and we look forward to it! If you come to Bratislava for the Andrea Bocelli concert on November 19th, you might get a big and positive surprise in addition. It is not something ... […]

  • Andrea Bocelli concert in Krakow

    On the 11th of November, a short while before the opening of the annual Christmas markets in Krakow, Andrea Bocelli will perform in Tauron Arena. If we had to choose between an Andrea Bocelli concert and the Christmas markets in Krakow, then we would have a big challenge ahead. Andrea Bocelli is a […]

  • Andrea Bocelli concert in Amsterdam 2017

    The 14th of October in 2017 Andrea Bocelli will come to Amsterdam and he will sing and enchant the audience in the Ziggodome. Are you gonna be among them? Andrea Bocelli will tour large parts of the world in 2017. He will not only visit Amsterdam, but he will also travel and perform in cities ... […]

  • How strong are the UV rays in Budapest? Should I be careful?

    Are you looking forward to visiting Budapest? Are you planning for sunshine and beautiful weather? Do not forget about the UV rays and sun-lotion! On a warm summer day in Budapest you can enjoy delicious ice cream, warm temperatures and shops with air-condition. But, you should still be careful as […]

  • Can I watch Netflix in Amsterdam? How does it work? What to stream?

    Are you coming to Amsterdam and to the Netherlands on a holiday? Worried about whether or not Netflix will work in Amsterdam or not? In our modern world people no longer watch TV series like before. We do not watch them every Thursday evening at 21.00, but instead we like to stream our favorite TV […]