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  • Welcome to the Budapest Christmas markets in 2018

    One of the most popular events in Budapest every year is the Christmas markets. They attract tens of thousands of visitors every single day, and they are getting more and more popular for every year. Every year, already in January, we get the question: “When will the Christmas markets be […]

  • Christmas markets in Prague in 2018

    Prague has some amazing Christmas markets, and the most famous of them all are located at the Wenceslas Square and at the Old Town Square. At these Christmas markets you can buy all sorts of products, most of them hand-made, and nice to bring home as souvenirs. There are also lots of stands at […]

  • New pissoirs in Paris – Do you like them?

    Paris has gotten some extra attention in international media lately because of their new eco-friendly pissoirs (urinals). Take a look at them yourself and tell us what you think! The open-air urinals are created in order to make men urinate less in the streets of Paris. That is a nice thing, and […]

  • Vegefest 2018 in Prague

    Are you a vegetarian? Then you should visit Vegefest 2018 in Prague. Are you interested in self-sustaining living? Vegefest 2018 is for you! Vegefest is an annual event in Prague that is arranged in the Vysehrad Castle. It will be for the 8th time in 2018, and it is getting more and more attention. […]

  • Christmas markets in Vienna in 2018

    The fantastic Christmas markets will return to Vienna again in 2018. Here are the most important dates and some useful information. There are lots of beautiful cities worth visiting before Christmas, but we dare to say that Vienna is the most beautiful of them all before Christmas. The reason is […]

  • Burgerfest Prague 2018

    Are you a fan of hamburgers? Do not miss out on the Burgerfest 2018 which will be arranged in Prague on September 8th and 9th. Have you tasted a Big Mac and now you believe that you know everything there is to know about hamburgers? You are very, very, very wrong! If you come to ... Continue […]

  • Free concerts in the Wallenstein Garden in Prague

    Would you like to enjoy a free concert in Prague in a beautiful environment? Every Thursday between August 16th and September 20th you can do so in the Wallenstein Garden. The concert will be arranged at 17.00 every Thursday in this period, and it is free to enter the concert area. The Wallenstein […]

  • What did Picasso see as he visited Paris?

    Pablo Picasso visited Paris for his first time in 1900. One year later he returned to the city again. What did he see during his stay? How did it influence his art? The Picasso museum in Barcelona is a fantastic gallery for those in love with Picasso and his works. But, if you decide to ... […]

  • The Sziget Festival is rocking Budapest right now!

    One of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe is the Sziget Festival in Budapest. Every year in August, almost 500,000 people come to take part in this festival arranged at the Old Buda Island in the midst of the Danube River. In 2018, the Sziget Festival is arranged between August 8th […]

  • Budapest Wine Festival 2018

    There are lots of festivals in Budapest, but the biggest and most famous every year is the wine festival in the castle area. In 2018, Budapest Wine Festival will be arranged between September 6th and September 9th. At the Budapest Wine Festival, you can taste thousands of different wine sorts. Most […]

  • Claude Monet exhibition in Vienna

    Claudio Monet lived between 1840 and 1926, and he is among the most famous painters ever. He is the greatest character within the impressionist movement, and from September 21st you can an exhibition in Albertina dedicated to him. Vienna is a city for art lovers. Not only do they have the […]

  • Maybe you need to send your beer dinner request again…

    Recently we discovered that there has been some trouble with our beer dinner request form. The result of the problem is that we haven’t received any of the requests that have been made on the website. If you have requested a beer dinner in the period between July 15th and August 5th, you […]

  • Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival 2018

    Are you in the mood for some tasty champagne and all sorts of wine? Want to visit a festival with a very large percentage of locals visiting? This is the festival to visit! There are lots of fantastic festivals arranged in Budapest every year, but many of them are packed with tourists, and too […]

  • Buda Castle Beer Festival 2018

    Between August 23rd and August 26th, the annual Buda Castle Beer Festival will be arranged again. Are you in town? Check it out! The Buda Castle Beer Festival is supposed to be an annual event and it has been so for many years, with an exception in 2017. This is the place to go for ... Continue […]

  • A beautiful night-shot

    Paris is a beautiful city, but it is hard to catch the real beauty of the city in a photo. But, there are some photographers able to get the beauty on camera, and this picture is an example of that. A beautiful night-shot of Paris! Source: Pixabay We didn’t make the photo ourselves, because […]