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  • Free shipping from to the Czech Republic available

    For a long time it was hard to order from Amazon and have the goods delivered to the Czech Republic. It just got much easier! The average person in the Czech Republic prefer the English language to the German language. As a consequence they prefer shopping from or But, now […]

  • Magnificent portraits made by Picasso

    A cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso museum in Barcelona has led to this temporary exhibition on Picasso portraits in the Picasso museum in Barcelona. Since this is a cooperation between the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Picasso Museum it is […]

  • Now you can shop from in Polish!

    The people of Poland would love to get their local Amazon Store. Until that becomes a reality shopping from Amazon Germany in Polish is the best option! We just read the news about how you can visit and enjoy the website in Polish recently. That is a great improvement, especially […]

  • Free shipping from to Slovakia!

    Would you like to order a product from to Slovakia? Live in Bratislava and want to buy on German Amazon? You can now get free shipping as you order! In the middle of November 2016 it was announced that now offer free shipping on orders of 39 Euro or more to nations such ... […]

  • Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

    We have a fantastic weekend behind us. Real Madrid won against Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund won against Bayern Munchen. On December 7th it is time for the two teams to play against one another in Madrid. Which team will be the best? Real Madrid will come to the match as favorites, but […]

  • Enrique Iglesias concert 2016

    Only six days before magical Christmas Eve another magical event will take place in Prague. On December 18th Enrique Iglesias will perform in Tesla Arena. Enrique Iglesias will without a doubt bring Christmas to the hearts of thousands of ladies out there. He might not have to mention Christmas or […]

  • Enrique Iglesias concert in Vienna

    Would you like to combine the Christmas markets in Vienna with a magnificent Enrique Iglesias concerts? It can be done on December 14th in 2016. Enrique Iglesias has sold even more albums than his father Julio Iglesias. This year he will travel around  and visit some cities in Europe before […]

  • Enrique Iglesias concert in Krakow

    Are you coming to Krakow before Christmas to visit the Christmas markets and to listen to Enrique Iglesias? He will perform in Tauron Arena on December 16th in Krakow. Enrique Iglesias is a very popular singer and there will be thousands of people coming to Krakow to listen to him live in Tauron […]

  • Picasso and mythologies

    Did you know that Picasso was very interested in mythologies? Did you know that the first Picasso painting that was preserved was of the legendary hero Hercules? In the period between November 24th in 2016 and the 20th of March in 2017 you can get to know so much more about Pablo Picasso and his […]

  • Hotels with free Wi-Fi near Rua Augusta in Lisbon

    Are you looking for a central hotel in Lisbon near Rua Augusta (or in Rua Augusta) with a free Wi-Fi connection available? Here are our suggestions! The best when you come to do sightseeing in a city is to live in the heart of the city. That is why you might want to find and ... Continue reading […]

  • Andre Rieu concert in Prague (2017)

    Come to Prague on May 12th to listen to the amazing Andre Rieu. He will perform in the 02 Arena and you are invited! Information about tickets and more. Now you might have several reasons to come to Prague on May 12th in 2017. On the same day that Andre Rieu will enter the stage ... Continue […]

  • Andre Rieu concert in Paris [2017]

    On the last day of March in 2017 Andre Rieu will perform at Zenith de Paris. Would you like to be there? He will only perform once in Paris in 2017, so get your tickets right away! The last day of March in 2017 is a Friday, so what better way to start a weekend ... Continue reading ‘Andre […]

  • Andre Rieu concert on January 8th

    Did you know that Andre Rieu will perform in Brussels on January 8th in 2017. It can almost be called a New Years concert. You are hereby invited! The Andre Rieu concert in Brussels will be arrange din Palais 12 on January 8th. The concert itself will start at 20.00, but if you are a ... Continue […]

  • New Years concert with Andre Rieu in Amsterdam

    Would you like to celebrate the new year with Andre Rieu in Amsterdam? Come to the Andre Rieu concert in Ziggodome in Amsterdam on January 7th in 2017. Now you might have thought that a New Years concert with Andre Rieu in Amsterdam would be arranged on January 1st or 2nd, but unfortunately it […]

  • Pre-Christmas concert with Andre Rieu in London 2016

    Doesn’t it sound nice to enjoy a pre-Christmas concert with Andre Rieu in London in 2016? On December 19th and December 20th he will perform in London. Interested? You have probably read a lot about the different Christmas markets and other winter activities in London already. But, you will […]