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  • British copper shows on Netflix

    Have you been to London and fallen in love with the city? Or maybe you fell in love with the cute cops and the clothes they are wearing? Would you like to get a taste of London as you go home and watch some great police shows on Netflix taking place in London and in ... Continue reading […]

  • Easter market in Krakow 2019

    Easter is already upon us, and that means, thousands of tourists are already in Krakow ready to discover the city and to celebrate Easter. How do the tourists celebrate Easter? Mostly by shopping, and that is why the annual Easter market in Krakow is a big hit. But, when will the Easter market be […]

  • Traveling with train from Rome to Bologna

    Have you already gotten your plane ticket to Rome in order, but you are looking for more places to visit outside Rome? Maybe you have read our article on how to travel from Rome to Firenze already, and now you consider visiting another city, for example, Bologna. But, how can you travel by train […]

  • Metallica concert in Lisbon 2019

    Does it sound cool to start May 2019 with a Metallica concert in Lisbon? You have the chance in 2019, because on May 1st Metallica will enter the stage at the Restelo Stadium, and you have the chance to be in the audience. Maybe you do not want to spend a lot of money on ... Continue reading […]

  • How to travel from Barcelona to Valencia?

    Are you looking for a way to travel from Barcelona to Valencia? Are you on a trip to Barcelona, but looking for a way to do a day-trip to Valencia? Which is the best way of traveling between the cities? It is extremely funny to look at the map portraying the ride between Barcelona and ... Continue […]

  • Where will Spain play their Euro 2020 qualifier matches?

    Spain will play their first match in the Euro 2020 qualifying stage against Norway on March 23rd. But, where will they play the matches? Will they play at the Real Madrid venue, or the Atletico Madrid venue? Or maybe at Nou Camp in Barcelona? The answer is no to those mentioned stadiums. Spain is […]

  • The Ten Best Hotels in Budapest in 2019

    Where are you going to stay in Budapest during your trip to the city in 2019? Which is the best five star hotel in Budapest? Which hotel has the best panorama towards the Danube? Which is the best three star hotel in Budapest with a great location and cheap prices? The Budapest Guide presents to […]

  • A visit to GoodBar GoodBurger in Budapest

    Are you looking for a good place to eat a hamburger in Budapest? Maybe you will walk by the place named GoodBurger as you walk between Ferenciek square and Kalvin square in Budapest. Is this a place worth visiting? We have visited GoodBar GoodBurger in Budapest, and here are some quick thoughts. […]

  • Not everyone with your name is the right taxi driver!

    Just recently we received an email from one of our customers whom we helped with an airport transfer in Krakow. We have promised on our website that all transfers arranged by us happen in Mercedes cars, and they are all equipped with nice looking Polish gentlemen driving the cars. A few days ago, […]

  • Budapest Summer Festival 2019

    Every summer, Budapest hosts a fantastic Summer Festival. This is not the Sziget Festival, but a festival with classical music events, Opera, and more traditional music. In 2019, the Summer Festival will be arranged between June 1st and August 23rd. The events are arranged at three different […]

  • Budapest selected as the best destination in Europe in 2019

    Based on votes from more than 200,000 users, Budapest was just voted the best destination to visit in Europe in 2019. When are you coming? My first thought after reading about the results was that “probably all of Hungary voted for this to happen.” During the European Championship in […]

  • Tokaj Harvest Festival 2019

    A few days ago we received an email from someone curious about the dates for the Tokaj Harvest Festival in 2019. Here you have them! The Tokaj Harvest Festival, also known as Tokaji Szüreti napok in Hungary, is arranged every single year, and it is a big celebration of the grape harvest in the […]

  • Ready for Ajax – Real Madrid on February 13th

    In less than a week, it will be time for the fantastic match between Ajax and Real Madrid at Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam. Are you going to be there in person? The people of Amsterdam weren’t to happy about getting Real Madrid as their opponent in the first stage of the knockout part of the […]

  • Brewery dinner, river cruises and excursions

    There are some activities in Prague only available for a certain period of time. Such can be a concert, a festival or maybe an exhibition. Luckily there are some programs available all the year around in Prague, and in this article you can read about some of them! If you are looking for some cool […]

  • Will Netflix work as I visit Ljubljana?

    Ljubljana is an amazing city, but after a long day visiting all parts of the city and discovering the interesting attractions the town has to offer, you might feel like watching something on Netflix before you go to bed. But, will Netflix work as you come to Ljubljana and Slovenia? First of all, […]