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  • Comic-Con in Prague 2020

    Are you in love with comic books, videogames, board games, films, fantasy, art, and all of the sort? Comic-Con in Prague is a festival exactly for you. Here you can enjoy programs, meat celebrities, and feel like Sheldon did in the Big Bang Theory whenever he went to Comic-Con. The first Comic-Con […]

  • Hungary in the Euro 2020 in Handball!

    The European Championship in Handball is currently arranged in Austria, Sweden, and Norway, and the Hungarians surprised us all and won their initial group. That was a giant surprise, especially considering that they have to play against the Danes, the team considered to be the best in the world […]

  • Kazimir in Budapest – Worth a visit?

    If you get hungry while walking the streets of the seventh district in Budapest, often referred to as the Jewish ghetto of Budapest, you might bump into a restaurant named Kazimir. Is it a place worth visiting? Is it a kosher restaurant? The restaurant named Kazimir is located in the Kazinczy […]

  • When will the Sziget Festival be arranged in 2020?

    The most popular music festival in Hungary every single year is the Sziget Festival. It is arranged in the start of August every year, and it brings about 500,000 visitors to the Hajogyari island, located in the middle of the River Danube in Budapest, a little bit to the north of the Margaret […]

  • Experience The Witcher in Hungary (Netflix series)

    The Witcher is the name of a brand new Netflix series that many believe can turn into the next Game of Thrones (when it comes to popularity). The series never managed to enchant us, but still, it is amazing to recognize lots of Hungarian locations as you watch the series on Netflix. Henry Cavill is […]

  • More than 16 million passengers used Budapest Airport in 2019

    Budapest Airport enjoyed a very good year in 2019. They have a higher rate of growth than most other airports in Europe, and it was the first year ever they passed more than 16 million passengers in one single year. The total amount of passengers arriving and departing Budapest Airport was […]

  • Don Vito Visegrad – Worth a visit?

    Visegrad is a very popular destination among tourists coming to Hungary. Not only because of its delightful location along the Danube River but also because of the mighty castle on the top of the hill giving an even more stunning view towards the countryside and the Danube. Lots of larger tourist […]

  • The Ten Best Hotels in Budapest in 2020

    Where are you going to stay in Budapest during your trip to the city in 2020? Which is the best five star hotel in Budapest? Which hotel has the best panorama towards the Danube? Which is the best three star hotel in Budapest with a great location and cheap prices? The Budapest Guide presents to […]

  • Prague Easter Markets in 2020 – All the info you need!

    The final date of the 2019 Christmas markets in Prague was on January 6th in 2020. But, people are already hungry for more, and that is why they are getting ready to visit Prague for the annual Easter markets in 2020. But, when will the Easter Markets be arranged in 2020? The annual Easter market […]

  • Budapest and the Fishermen’s Bastion as Windows startup picture!

    If you run a Windows computer, you might see different pictures from all across the world whenever your computer starts up. Yesterday, a picture from Budapest suddenly showed up, portraying the amazing Fishermen’s bastion. The text in the picture says as follows: Why this building is called a […]

  • Pictures from the Christmas markets in Vienna

    Have you been to the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019 already? Or are you coming? Or are you at home crying because you cannot visit the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019? No matter what your answer is, here you have some pictures to cheer you up and bring the Viennese Christmas atmosphere to […]

  • Pictures from the Christmas markets in Budapest in 2019

    Are you coming to Budapest to visit the Christmas markets this year? Or are you sad that you cannot visit the Christmas markets in 2019? Take a look at these pictures from the Christmas markets and get a taste of the atmosphere. The Christmas markets will remain open until January 1st. The market […]

  • The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square is shining!

    Every year, the country of Norway gives a Christmas tree to the city of London as a thank you for their support during the Second World War. This is the most famous Christmas tree in England and every year it is placed on Trafalgar Square. A few years ago, someone compared it to a cucumber, ... […]

  • Pictures from the Christmas markets at Vorosmarty square in Budapest in 2019

    November 8th was the opening day for the Christmas market at Vorosmarty square in Budapest in 2019. We were there on the opening day to take some pictures, and here you can take a look at them. The Christmas market at the Vorosmarty square is the most famous in Budapest. In 2019, it seems to […]

  • Lower prices on airport transfers in Prague!

    Christmas is approaching, and to celebrate the festivities and joy of Christmas, we have lowered the prices of our airport transfer services in Prague. An airport transfer is an ideal way to start your trip to Prague. It will take you quickly and efficiently to your hotel, and it will help you save […]