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  • Beautiful pictures from Krakow

    Spring is here, and Krakow is beautiful as always. Why not prepare for your Krakow trip with these beautiful images? Beneath you can see pictures from some of the most famous locations and places in Krakow. If these pictures do not inspire you, I have a feeling nothing will. Krakow is beautiful all […]

  • Spring in Prague – Finally it’s here!

    After a long and cold winter, it is always amazing to experience the temperatures and the smells of spring. Suddenly the city center comes to life, the ice cream bars open, and tourists fill the streets. We had to wait for quite some time in 2018 for the real spring to arrive, but now it ... […]

  • Election in Hungary on April 8th

    On this upcoming Sunday, on April 8th, it is time for elections in Hungary. Do you need to know anything about the election if you come to Hungary? If you come to Hungary as a tourist, you will most likely not even notice that it is election day. You will for sure see political posters ... Continue […]

  • When can I visit the Prado museum for free

    I have heard that it is free to visit the Prado museum on Thursday evenings. Is that so? Can you please give me information on when I can get free entrance to the museum? The Prado museum in Madrid is one of the most famous art museums in the world. It has a fantastic permanent ... Continue reading […]

  • Rubens oil sketches [Exhibition]

    Rubens is the most important artist in Europe when it comes to oil sketches. Few other artists have left behind oil sketches, while Rubens has left behind more than 450 pieces.  In this interesting exhibition, which is a cooperation between the Prado Museum in Madrid and the Boijmans Van […]

  • Picasso in the kitchen [Exhibition]

    What did Picasso think of the kitchen? In what way did food, restaurants and the kitchen inspire Picasso? Come to Barcelona and discover this temporary exhibition in the Picasso museum between May and September in 2018. In this exhibition, you can discover more than 200 works of Picasso, and they […]

  • Eugène Delacroix in the Louvre Museum [Exhibition]

    The last big exhibition about Eugène Delacroix in Paris was held in 1963, 200 years after the French painters’ death. But, now it is time for a new exhibition for those who want to know more about one of the most famous French painters’ of all time. This exhibition […]

  • Rodin and the art of ancient Greece [Exhibition]

    The French sculptor Auguste Rodin visited London in 1881, and as he saw sculptures from Greece in the British Museum, he was greatly inspired. If you return to the museum today, you can see the result! The exhibition in itself is a proof of the importance of art museums. If it hadn’t […]

  • Five things you should know before visiting Rome

    You have probably read about the most important attractions in Rome already. But, it is not necessarily enough to know which places to visit. Here we will give you some practical advice that might make your stay in Rome even more enjoyable. As you travel to Rome you are for sure planning on […]

  • Can a Hungarian movie win an Oscar again?

    Two years ago the movie Son of Saul won an Oscar as the Best Foreign Movie. This year another Hungarian movie is nominated for the same price, On Body and Soul.   In order to win an Oscar for Best Foreign movie, it needs to be in some other language than English. So, if you ... Continue […]

  • Bjork concert in Rome

    Are you ready for an amazing event which will include old ruins and a beautiful, modern voice? Come to the baths of Caracalla on June 13th and listen to the beautiful voice of Bjork. The Baths of Caracalla is an amazing complex that was built in the 3rd century. This is the place where a ... […]

  • All Points East Festival in London 2018 (Bjork)

    There will be some fantastic days in London in the Victoria Park in May 2018. Lots of artists will come to take part in the All Points East festival, and one of the highlights will be the Bjork concerts. We do not know exactly when Bjork will perform during the All Points East festival, but ... […]

  • Pay with Bitcoin in Oslo

    Oslo is the capital of Norway, and Norway is a country in love with modern technology. But, where can you pay with Bitcoin in this high-tech city? You might think that Norway is extremely up to date and modern, meaning that you will be able to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies all around […]

  • Bitcoin in Amsterdam

    Would you like to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Amsterdam? It ain’t gonna be easy, but there are a few places that can help you get rid of some digital currency. There are quite a lot of articles on the Internet presenting places in Amsterdam accepting Bitcoin. We have, of […]

  • Blockchain as a Business in Prague

    There is a group arranging blockchain events regularly in Prague, and on March 1st they will host an event titled: “Blockchain as a Business – International Insights.” The host of the event is Prague Blockchain Meetup, and the goal is to let people interesting in the […]