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  • Going to the Christmas markets in Bratislava? Read this first!

    Are you going to the Christmas markets in Bratislava? Are you looking forward to it? You should! But, before you go, read this article to enjoy the Christmas markets to the max! The annual Christmas markets in Bratislava brings tens of thousands of tourists to the town and lots of locals to the […]

  • Vienna Christmas market recommendations

    Vienna might be the most beautiful city in the world to visit during the Christmas market season. It has a fantastic atmosphere, tons of Christmas markets and beautiful lights everywhere. Those who love a city with Christmas markets, will for sure love Vienna. If you haven’t been to the city […]

  • Krakow Christmas market recommendations

    Are you packing your suitcase and getting ready for your trip to Krakow where you are going to discover the beautiful Christmas markets? Here are some last-minute Christmas market recommendations! People love to travel in the spring, in the summer, and in the autumn. But, in the winter it can get […]

  • Recommendations for those coming to the Christmas markets in Prague

    Are you planning to visit Prague and the beautiful Christmas markets this year? Here are some pieces of advice and recommendations that will help you enjoy Prague even more! You might not find all the advises suiting you, but there will for sure be some of them that will inspire you or help you in […]

  • Ten advises if you come to Budapest for the Christmas markets!

    Nothing can compare to the atmosphere in Budapest before Christmas. The city is illuminated with fantastic lights, and the famous Christmas markets are there to be enjoyed. In this article, we would love to share some ideas and recommendations to you, that we believe will make your visit to […]

  • No worries upon arrival to Rome

    Would you like to sing Hakuna Matata as you arrive in Rome, and not only sing it, but also feel it? Want to arrive in Rome with no worries? Let us fix your airport transfer! Arriving at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, or maybe the Ciampino Airport, might feel like a mess and cause you ... Continue […]

  • The perfect way to arrive in Lisbon

    What would be the most time-saving and a perfect way to arrive in Lisbon? Having a driver to meet you at the airport must be one of the most important things when describing a perfect arrival. When you come to Lisbon for the first time, you might be both nervous and excited. The first thing ... […]

  • Christmas market by St. Stephens Basilica 2017

    The dates for the annual Christmas market by the St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest are official. This Christmas market will be arranged for the sixth time in 2017. The Christmas market at Vörösmarty square will open already on November 10th, but those who want to go shopping at the […]

  • Beer trip to Kozel from Prague

    Have you heard about the beer from Kozel? The Kozel beer is exported to lots of nations worldwide, and it is easy to understand why you are eager to visit the homeplace of this fantastic beer. The Kozel brewery is located in Velke Popovice, a city only 25km from the heart of Prague. For that ... […]

  • Want a Mercedes to pick you up at Krakow Airport?

    Are you dreaming of arriving to Krakow with style? Want to get to your hotel quickly and conveniently? Let us take care of the airport transfer! We would love to help you get from Krakow Airport to your hotel as quickly as possible. We have a large amount of Mercedes cars waiting for you in ... […]

  • Christmas markets in Brussels 2017

    Brussels is one of the most amazing cities to visit before Christmas. The city is illuminated with magnificent lights, and it simply feels like a winter wonder. No wonder why the locals call the Christmas markets in Brussels Winter Wonders! Unfortunately, Brussels has experienced some unfortunate […]

  • Christmas markets in Barcelona 2017

    Barcelona is not a Christmas city with Christmas markets like Vienna, Bratislava, Prague, Krakow, Budapest and similar cities. But, there are still some Christmas markets worth visiting. The most famous Christmas market in Barcelona is located in front of the Barcelona Cathedral. The market is […]

  • Christmas markets in Paris 2017

    Christmas is soon upon us, but before the big Christmas celebration, let us visit a Christmas market. But, when will the Christmas markets be arranged in Paris in 2017? At the time we are writing this article, little can be known about the Christmas market dates in Paris. There will be lots of […]

  • Christmas markets in London 2017

    Have you heard about the amazing Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park? Or maybe the Southbank Centre Winter Festival? Find the dates for the most popular Christmas markets in London. The most famous of all Christmas markets in London is the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Here you can go ice-skating, eat […]

  • Christmas Markets in Bratislava in 2017

    Would you like to enjoy the beautiful Christmas markets in Bratislava in November and December this year? Come to the city between November 24th and December 22nd! The Christmas markets in Bratislava are really fantastic, and they are very authentic. Here you can taste a whole lot of local food, […]