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  • French market in Prague

    For the tenth year, visitors to Prague can enjoy the French Market in Prague in the period between July 11th and July 15th. During these days, visitors to the Kampa area (close to the Charles Bridge) can get a taste of French culture. Not only can they taste lots of French wine, including organic […]

  • Budapest by night from a drone

    Would you like to see a beautiful Budapest by night picture? This has got to be one of the most stunning of them all! A few days ago, we shared an article from Steemit on our Facebook page. It contained a beautiful Budapest by night picture, taken from a drone. The post turned so popular, ... […]

  • Chlamydia in Norway and John Oliver

    Are you coming to Norway in the coming weeks or months? You might see some ads telling you to use condoms and to watch out for chlamydia!   Norway is famous for its beautiful nature, midnight sun, Northern Lights, tree churches, and now also for its chlamydia. For some reason, Norway has one […]

  • Watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in London

    Looking for a place to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in London? Here are some suggestions! At the moment, I do not know of any typical public screening of the FIFA World Cup in London. It would have been tremendous with a giant screen at the Trafalgar square, but that is not going to ... Continue […]

  • Public screening of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Paris

    The FIFA World Cup 2018 will have its kickoff in two days. But, will there be public screenings in Paris? What about the area in front of Hotel de Ville (City Hall)? During the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and during Euro 2016 big screens were placed in front of Hotel de Ville in the ... Continue reading […]

  • Budapest Christmas market dates 2018

    When will the Christmas markets open in Budapest in 2018? When will they close? Where are the most popular Christmas markets located? We get questions such as these all the time, and especially from people looking to buy plane tickets, but they just want the dates confirmed before they press […]

  • How to get to the Tauron Arena from the Krakow city-center?

    “Hey! How is it best to go from city center to Tauron Arena? Thank you!” We just received this question on Facebook, but instead of answering it there, we decided to create an article so anyone interested in the topic will find the answer! Tauron Arena is a very popular concert venue in […]

  • Public screening of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Brussels

    The FIFA World Cup is approaching, and in a football-loving country like Belgium, people are getting excited. But, where can you watch the World Cup outdoors in Brussels? According to an article posted on April 2018, there will be no public screenings of the FIFA World Cup in Brussels. Due to fear […]

  • Watching the World Cup 2018 in Barcelona

    Spain is a nation of football fanatics, so you do not have to worry about not finding a place to watch the World Cup 2018 in Barcelona. Where can you watch the event in Barcelona? Everywhere! There will be large screens in bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes in Barcelona during the World Cup. But, […]

  • Can I watch ZDF/ARD online in Ireland?

    Is it possible to watch ZDF/ARD online in Ireland? I live here, but would love to watch German TV, and especially the upcoming FIFA World Cup on ZDF/ARD. Can that be done from abroad? That is a brilliant question, and the answer to your question is yes. It can be done, but you need to ... Continue […]

  • How and where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna?

    Would you like to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna? The city is a gorgeous city, but during the FIFA World Cup, you will want to see more than just Schönbrunn, Hofburg, and the Parlament while in town. You want to watch football. How and where can it be done? We have great news ... Continue […]

  • How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Budapest?

    I would love to watch the FIFA World Cup in Budapest, and wonder how and where it can be done? It is very easy to watch the FIFA World Cup in Budapest. There are lots of sports-pubs all around town that will show the matches, and during such large events, restaurants also install large TV-screens […]

  • Activities for families with kids in Krakow

    Krakow is an amazing city, but if you want to discover the city with kids, you need to be willing to make some compromises to make the kids enjoy the city as well. So, what should you do with kids in Krakow? A lot will depend on the age of your kids as you look ... Continue reading […]

  • A stay at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna

    Are you considering a stay at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna? Here are some stuff worth knowing before you make your booking! The Marriott Hotel in Vienna is located next to the Stadtpark, a beautiful area for a nice stroll and also an area with a nice playground area for kids. The most famous […]

  • Czech Beer Festival 2018

    This year is a fantastic year for tourists coming to Prague, and once again one of the highlights of the year is the annual beer festival. The Czech beer festival has been arranged for years and years, and it is a giant success every year. This year it will open on May 10th and the ... Continue […]