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  • Which metro line should you use?

    Are you coming to Paris but not sure which metro line to use to get around? We have created a new page in our Paris Guide with a new and updated metro map for Paris. The metro system in Paris is never sleeping. The first metro line was opened in 1900, and the system has Read More The post Which […]

  • Party with Jack Ryan in Rome (in Jack Ryan season 3).

    Rome is an amazing city; watching it in a movie isn’t enough. You can watch travel programs on National Geographic and documentaries on YouTube, but even though they are fantastic, you still need to come and explore the city with your own eyes. But if you have been to Rome, it feels really good […]

  • Watch the third season of Jack Ryan and enjoy the beautiful scenery from Prague.

    The third season of the popular TV series Jack Ryan from Amazon Video was released before Christmas. It is the best season so far, especially due to the fantastic scenes recorded in Prague. Jack Ryan has to travel all across Europe to stop an imminent attack from Russia upon Europe. Even though […]

  • Why is Vaj so crowded? We have been to Vaj in Budapest.

    There are places you hear of because they get lots of reviews online. Then there are places you notice because they are always packed with people. That is how we first discovered Vaj. Every Sunday morning, we drove next to Vaj, and even on cold winter days, it was crowded both inside and outside. […]

  • Budapest Travel Tips in 2023.

    Are you coming to Budapest in 2023? What should you do? What are the essentials that you must see? What are the things you can’t leave Budapest without eating and drinking? Here you will get helpful travel tips to help you prepare to visit Budapest. Budapest is a city with approximately 2 million […]

  • You can already plan your trip to the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2023!

    It has only been a couple of days since the Christmas markets in Vienna closed. Some remained open until January 8th, while others closed around Christmas. Even though they have barely managed to clean up the mess, the planning has already started for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2023. Even […]

  • Top events in Budapest in 2023

    Budapest is a fantastic city, and it is worth visiting all year round. It fills your heart with joy to walk barefoot in the grass at Margaret Island on a warm summer day, just like it feels awesome to take a bath in the hot spring of the Szechenyi thermal bath on a cold winter Read More L’article […]

  • The beer dinner has returned!

    Over the years, we have helped thousands of people enjoy a fantastic three-course beer dinner in Prague. Unfortunately, COVID-19 showed up, and for almost two years, we could not arrange the popular dinner for our guests. Now we are happy to let you know that the program has returned, and you can […]

  • Currency converter (HUF/EUR/USD)

    The Hungarian Forint is a currency that moves quickly in all directions, mostly downwards. What does that mean? The currency is falling in value compared to bigger and more popular currencies such as the Euro, Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and smaller currencies such as the Swedish Krone and […]

  • Which is the best beer in the Czech Republic?

    The Czech Republic is famous for all its breweries and fantastic beer. It is the country in the world with the most breweries per person in the country, counting more than 4000 breweries in total. That makes it hard to decide which beers to taste and drink as you come to Prague. We cannot give Read […]

  • We are updating our London Guide in many ways!

    You might not see it in our blog, but we have worked a lot with our London Guide recently. You can see it visibly if you go to the page for upcoming events, exhibitions, festivals, and concerts in London. There you can see that we have written about many ongoing exhibitions and upcoming events. […]

  • No need to worry upon arrival at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

    If you come to Prague with airlines such as WizzAir, RyanAir, Norwegian, Lufthansa, AirFrance, KLM, or other companies, you will most likely arrive at Václav Havel Airport Prague. Coming to a new airport can often be a stressful experience for some. Hopefully, your luggage will arrive as planned, […]

  • The best hotels for Christmas market tourists in Budapest.

    November and December are fantastic months to visit Budapest. You don’t have to fear extreme heat, and you can visit the magic Christmas markets the city has to offer. If you haven’t read our guide to the Christmas markets in Budapest already, that is a good place to start. But, maybe you know […]

  • Ordering from Amazon to Hungary – How does it work? VAT? Shipping costs?

    Would you like to order products from Amazon to your address in Hungary? Hungary doesn’t have an Amazon store, so you must choose between,, and Which is the best for you? Which is the cheapest? Everything you need to know about ordering from Amazon to Hungary. […]

  • The Christmas markets in Györ, Hungary.

    The city of Györ is approximately 125km from the city center of Budapest. The town is well known for its beauty and being the home of one of the best female handball teams in the world. Many people drive next to it as they come to Budapest from Bratislava or Vienna by car, but few Read More […]