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  • Ordering from Temu/Shein to Hungary – All you need to know!

    Have you seen Temu/Shein ads on Facebook, Instagram, or just read about it somewhere? Would you like to order Temu products to Hungary? Is it worth it? Is it easy? Are there any hidden costs you need to be aware of? What about VAT? This article gives you all the information you must know before […]

  • Six Activities You Must Try in Paris in April

    As the flowers bloom and the sun wakes up after a long winter, Paris transforms into a city of enchantment in April. With a wide selection of activities to explore, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the second springmonth of the year. So grab your beret and let’s us share with you six […]

  • Krakow in April: Six Unforgettable Activities As You Visit Krakow in April.

    Welcome to Krakow, where history, culture, and vodka flow like the Vistula River! If you’re planning your first trip to this charming Polish city in April, get ready for an adventure packed with sights, flavors, and experiences that will leave you spellbound. From medieval marvels to painful […]

  • 6 Books Worth Reading Before You Visit Prague

    Before embarking on a journey to Prague, immersing yourself in the city’s literary landscape can significantly enrich your experience. From historical narratives to captivating novels, Prague’s literary scene offers a plethora of insights into its culture, history, and atmosphere. Here are six […]

  • Exploring Prague in April: A fantastic month to visit Prague.

    As April unfolds its wings, Prague emerges as a city vibrant with life and cultural richness. From the Vltava River’s sunny banks to the Old Town’s charming alleys, Prague offers a myriad of activities and programs that promise an unforgettable experience for visitors. Let’s dive into the […]

  • Eating outdoors in Budapest – Where to eat on a warm evening?

    It is warm outside, the sun is shining, and you are exploring the city of Budapest in shorts and a T-shirt. Now you would like to grab something to eat, but sitting inside feels like hypocrisy with the beautiful weather outside. Where can you go in Budapest to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a Read […]

  • Exploring Budapest: A Student’s Guide to the Heart of Hungary

    Planning a trip to Budapest? You’re in for a treat. This city isn’t just about beautiful sights and history; it’s a whole vibe that you’ve got to experience. From the stunning Danube River that splits the city into Buda and Pest to the lively streets filled with music and art, Budapest is a […]

  • Hungary wants to make it easier for banks, investment funds and asset managers to provide cryptocurrency-market services.

    There are lots of people asking whether Hungary is a crypto-friendly country or not. That is a brilliant question, but what is the answer? According to ChatGPT (which only answers based on data from 2022), “Hungary has not been particularly crypto-friendly compared to some other countries. The […]

  • What Are The Laws To Follow While Traveling To Hungary With Your Dog?

    Traveling with your furry friend can turn any trip into an unforgettable adventure, but it comes with challenges and responsibilities, especially when crossing international borders. If Hungary is your destination and your dog is coming along for the journey, understanding and adhering to the […]

  • More flights to connect Budapest with Paris this summer!

    We are looking forward to a fantastic summer, for many reasons. The Hungarians are happy to see their team play in the European Championship in football (in Germany) in June and July (hopefully), and following the European Championship, the Hungarians look very much forward to the Summer Olympics […]

  • Factors To Ensure Before Traveling To Hungary This Summer

    Hungary, famous for its rich history, astonishing architecture, and natural thermal spas, attracts travelers seeking Central European culture. Prepare for a seamless and memorable vacation if your summer plans include Budapest, Eger’s Vineyard Hills, or Lake Balaton. This comprehensive guide […]

  • Seven Books that Will Boost Your Paris Experience: From Historical Epics to Literary Charms

    Embarking on a journey to Paris is like stepping into a realm where history, art, and romance converge on the cobbled streets and along the banks of the Seine. It’s a city that has inspired countless tales, capturing the imaginations of writers for centuries. Whether you’re planning your first […]

  • Exploring Rome Through Literature: Six Must-Read Books for Travelers

    Rome holds within its ancient walls layers upon layers of history, culture, and intrigue. For travelers visiting this timeless destination, reading interesting literature can offer a unique perspective and deeper appreciation for the marvels awaiting them. Whether you’re drawn to historical […]

  • Five books you should read before you come to Dublin!

    Before embarking on a trip to Dublin, we recommend that you read lots of literature that captures the essence of this vibrant city, which again will enrich your experience in profound ways. From the streets immortalized by James Joyce to the contemporary tales woven by modern authors, Dublin’s […]

  • The Top Events in Vienna in 2024

    What’s happening in Vienna in 2024? Which are the biggest and most important events that you need to remember? It will all depend greatly on your interests, but this article tries to give you information about the most important concerts, festivals, markets, and sports events in Vienna in 2024. […]