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  • Five books you should read before you come to Dublin!

    Before embarking on a trip to Dublin, we recommend that you read lots of literature that captures the essence of this vibrant city, which again will enrich your experience in profound ways. From the streets immortalized by James Joyce to the contemporary tales woven by modern authors, Dublin’s […]

  • The Top Events in Vienna in 2024

    What’s happening in Vienna in 2024? Which are the biggest and most important events that you need to remember? It will all depend greatly on your interests, but this article tries to give you information about the most important concerts, festivals, markets, and sports events in Vienna in 2024. […]

  • Five Cool Activities for Parents with Strollers in Rome

    Rome, the Eternal City, with its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant atmosphere, is a fantastic destination for families. If you’re a parent navigating the city with a stroller, fear not! There are plenty of family-friendly activities that allow you to explore Rome with ease. Here […]

  • Top Events in Budapest in 2024

    There are lots of things happening in Budapest every year. There are annual events that take place every single year like the Christmas markets, the Sziget Festival, the Spring Festival, and the Hungarian Grand Prix. But, there are also standalone events like concerts and sports events that only […]

  • Budapest Travel Tips in 2024.

    Are you coming to Budapest in 2024? What should you do? What are the essentials that you must see? What are the things you can’t leave Budapest without eating and drinking? Here you will get helpful travel tips to help you prepare to visit Budapest. Budapest is a city with approximately 2 million […]

  • What is the price of a Big Mac Menu and a Whopper Menu in Budapest? [Updated in 2024]

    I know this might be an offense to many tourists visiting Budapest. It is, however, a reality that many people eat fast food at Burger King and McDonald’s while in Budapest. Why is that? Because it is easy and cheaper than most other restaurants, you don’t have to wait for a long time, and you […]

  • Robbie Williams is coming to BST Hyde Park in 2024

    Robbie Williams, the British pop star, is set to headline the BST Hyde Park festival in London on Saturday, July 6, 2024. This will be his second time headlining the festival, having previously performed in 2019. Williams will be joined by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who will perform on Friday, […]

  • Fred Again.., Martin Garrix, Sam Smith and Stormzy are coming to Sziget 2024 – What about you?

    It is always interesting to get the first list of artists coming to the Sziget Festival. This list is often incomplete and in 2023, the biggest name of them all, Billie Eilish, was shared not a long time before the festival. In other words, there will be lots of other fantastic artists coming to […]

  • Tram 22 – A fantastic way to discover Prague!

    Greetings, fellow explorers! If you’re eager to soak in the wonders of Prague, Tram Line 22 is your ticket to an unforgettable journey. Let’s embark on a simple guide, tracing the tram’s path from its starting point at Bílá Hora, winding through historic sites like Prazski Hrad, […]

  • A walking tour in Vienna – exploring the city as you walk from Wien Westbahnhof to the Stephansdom.

    Walking from Wien Westbahnhof to Stephansdom is a fantastic way to explore Vienna. The distance between the two places is around 3.5 kilometers, and the walk takes about 35-40 minutes (if you only walk). Of course, the same distance can easily take several hours if you stop to take photos, do some […]

  • Where to buy cheap clothes in London? Where do the locals go?

    London, a bustling metropolis known for its diverse culture and iconic landmarks, also offers fantastic opportunities for budget-friendly clothes shopping. If you’re keen to explore where the locals go for affordable fashion finds, here’s a guide to some hidden gems in the city. You can more […]

  • Andrea Bocelli is coming to BST Hyde Park in 2024

    We are still waiting for the exact dates and a full list of artists coming to BST Hyde Park in 2024, but the first artist was recently announced… Andrea Bocelli. That is going to be one fantastic event for thousands of fans. It is already possible to buy tickets for the concert on the official […]

  • Slideshow from the 2023 Christmas markets in Budapest!

    The Christmas market at Vörösmarty Square and by the Stephen’s Basilica both opened on November 17th. We were there during the opening weekend to check out what’s happening and what’s new in 2023. Of course, instead of writing about it, we will show you quite a lot of pictures as a picture […]

  • Where are the dates for the Budapest Christmas market at Vörösmarty square in 2023?

    Are you looking for the dates for the popular Christmas market at Vörösmarty Square in Budapest in 2023? You are not the only one! We have nearly 1000 people coming daily to our page to find the dates for the Christmas markets in Budapest, and it is quite unfortunate that we don’t have a clue […]

  • Best time to travel to Budapest

    Bisected by the Danube River, the Hungarian capital is one of Europe’s must-visit destinations. Its storied past is captured through engaging museums and architectural wonders, with much of the city designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting Budapest is not just about taking a […]