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  • Medieval dinner at “U Pavouka” in Prague – Is it worth the money?

    People come to Prague to walk across the Charles Bridge, to visit the Vitus Cathedral, to drink local beer, and to walk up and down the streets in Prague’s old town. But, where are you going to eat your dinners in Prague? Have you heard about the very popular restaurant named “U Pavouka”? […]

  • Is a Brunch Cruise on the Danube a good idea?

    A few months ago, one of the companies arranging boat trips on the Danube in Budapest launched a new trip called a “Brunch Cruise.” On this trip, you can enjoy a brunch on the boat while enjoying the views of Budapest from inside the boat, or from the terraces on the boat. Is it a Read More […]

  • Bus number 11 in London – yet another fantastic bus route for tourists in London.

    Bus number 11 in London runs between Fulham Town Hall and Waterloo Station. There are several bus routes in London ideal for sightseeing, but this is definitely one of the best bus routes if you want to see London from the top of a double decker. Before you board the bus, you need to have Read […]

  • Where can I watch the European Championship in football in Prague?

    Are you lucky enough to spend some days in Prague during the European Championship in football? Is your favorite country playing a match one of the days, or are you so enthusiastic about football that you want to watch every single match, even if you cheer for the teams or not? Where can you go […]

  • Want to watch Euro 2024 in London with lots of other people?

    There are many cities in Europe where they place large screens outdoor and whoever is around can sit in the grass and watch the different matches. That isn’t really so in London, meaning that you need to book a table in some sort of sports pub or bar or other outdoor club if you want Read More […]

  • Coldplay is coming to Budapest very soon!

    In six days, Coldplay will be at the stage in Puskas Arena to play in front of nearly 60,000 fans in Budapest. This isn’t going to happen only once, but three times. We know that there will be thousands of people coming to Budapest from abroad for this event, and that isn’t strange, seeing that […]

  • How to get a Czech IP address?

    Do you need an IP address in the Czech Republic? It isn’t hard! Get in your car or jump on a plane and come to Prague today! The city is waiting for you with some of the nicest attractions in the world, some of the most fantastic activities, the best beer in the world, and Read More The post How […]

  • Where can I watch Euro 2024 in Lisbon? Can Portugal win the European Championship in football?

    It feels like we have been waiting for the European Championship in football for a long time, even though it has only been three years since the last tournament was arranged. The people of Portugal enter the tournament with great expectations to the team, and the quality of the top-league in […]

  • Do you want to cheer for France during the European Championships in football 2024?

    France is without a doubt one of the biggest favorites to win the European Championships in football this summer. They went through the qualification in an impressive way in which they won all their matches except for a draw against Greece. Not only did they impress, but they won twice against the […]

  • An easy way to watch Euro 2024 online for free (and maybe learn some words in Hungarian)!

    We are getting closer to the European Championship in football, and it is gonna be a fantastic event! Players, coaches, and fans are preparing for the event which is arranged in Germany, and the kick-off for the first match will be in the evening on June 14. Do you have a favorite country that you […]

  • How can I watch BBC iPlayer and ITVX outside the United Kingdom?

    People from all around the world are eager to learn more about how they can watch BBC iPlayer and ITVX online. These are the streaming services of the two fantastic TV networks in the United Kingdom, producers of some of the best TV series in the world, and live broadcasters of big events such as […]

  • Can I watch ZDF/ARD online in Ireland?

    Is it possible to watch ZDF/ARD online in Ireland? I live in Dublin, but would love to watch German TV, and especially the upcoming FIFA World Cup on ZDF/ARD. Can that be done from abroad? That is a brilliant question, and the answer to your question is yes. It can be done, but you need Read More […]

  • Four things you should do in Vienna in May!

    The spring is a fantastic time to visit Vienna, and May is the nicest of the three spring months. It is warm in the air, but not too warm. It might rain a little bit, but not much, meaning that you can normally spend your days outside without worrying about dark clouds and getting wet Read More The […]

  • Hungary’s first Primark store opens in Arena Plaza!

    Primark opened its first store in Hungary on May 28, 2024. The Irish brand is extremely popular, and many people have been waiting for the first store to open in Hungary for a long time. Now the opening is history, and people are already speaking about when the second store will open. The Primark […]

  • Pizza Cruise on the Danube in Budapest – Should you buy a ticket?

    There are many fantastic boat trips available on the Danube in Budapest. The river is fantastic and the view is even more awesome. Can you imagine watching the beautiful attractions of Budapest illuminated in the evening while eating the best food on earth… pizza? That sure sounds nice, doesn’t […]