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  • Is Margaret island worth visiting?

    Many people come to Budapest with limited time. Maybe you only have 48 hours in the Hungarian capital. What are the most important places to visit? Which are the activities it would be a mistake to skip? Is the Margaret island worth a couple of hours during your trip to Budapest? We have just […]

  • Jesus brings the Christmas presents in Hungary!

    Many Hollywood movies show families sitting in front of a Christmas tree. Suddenly they hear someone knocking on the door, and there he is, Santa Claus. He has a bag full of presents and Christmas is here. This normally happens on December 24th but in some places on December 25th. In other places, […]

  • Are you visiting Mount Etna? All you need to know!

    This is a Rome Guide. As a result, almost all our articles deal with the city of Rome, and the articles contain content of interest to those visiting the city. But, sometimes, we publish articles that deal with other cities and areas in Italy. In the text you are reading right now, we will give […]

  • How do you travel by bike to the Athletics Stadium from Buda (across the Rákoczi Bridge)?

    Google Maps is your friend, at least so we think. But, if you are coming by train to Kelenföldi Pályaudvar or you reside somewhere else on the Buda side, and you plan on approaching the Athletics Stadium on bike or by roller, then you shouldn’t listen to Google Maps (at the moment). Find out […]

  • Full Schedule for the World Championship in Athletics in Budapest

    What will happen when during the World Athletics Championship in Budapest? When is your favorite event taking place? Here you can see a full overview of all events taking place during the event. All times are according to the local time in Budapest of the different events. Would you like to read […]

  • How to get to the Athletics Stadium in Budapest?

    Budapest is hosting the World Championship in Athletics during the summer of 2023. It is the biggest event ever arranged in Hungary, and a brand new stadium awaits athletes and the audience. But how can you easily get to the stadium? Can I park my car by the stadium? We have written a thorough […]

  • How can I travel to Schönbrunn by public transportation?

    One of the highlights of any trip to Vienna is Schönbrunn. Many people think of Schönbrunn as a royal palace, and that is true. But to think that Schönbrunn only is a royal palace is a big mistake. The palace has a beautiful garden where you can walk up and down for hours while enjoying Read […]

  • Six mistakes you shouldn’t make in Budapest.

    Budapest is a fantastic city, and it isn’t a coincidence that you found this article. You are looking for information and inspiration because you want to visit Budapest in the future. The enchanting capital of Hungary awaits, but there are a few things you should think through before you arrive. […]

  • 5 Important Events in the History of Prague

    Prague has a rich and fascinating history. The city has experienced invasions and revolutions. In other words, Prague has seen it all. In this article, we would like to write shortly about five events that has impacted the city and its history greatly. If you want to learn more about the different […]

  • Is it worth buying a ticket for a river cruise in Paris?

    Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Traveling to other cities, you often hear them compare themselves with Paris. Why? Because Paris is one of the most important cities on earth. Have you ever been to Prague or Budapest? Both cities often refer to themselves as the Paris of Eastern […]

  • Leo Rooftop Bar in Budapest – Pictures and information.

    Hotel Clark is one of the most luxurious hotels in Budapest, and the rooftop bar (Leo Rooftop Bar) is a part of the success. On the hotel’s top floor, you can sit down and drink a glass of champagne, eat a delightful meal, or drink a cup of coffee while enjoying one of the nicest Read More […]

  • Cat Café in Budapest – The ideal place for cat lovers?

    Are you a person in love with all sorts of cats? Are you dreaming of eating and drinking surrounded by cats, and you don’t mind having a cat jumping onto your lap while sipping a Cappuccino? Cat Café is not worth visiting if you can’t stand the thought of cats, and if you are allergic Read […]

  • Bitcoin Bar Budapest

    Are you a cryptocurrency fan who wants to drink something strong in Budapest? Or would you like to buy a Sprite before discovering Budapest’s remaining attractions and exciting activities? What is the Bitcoin Bar in Budapest? Where is it? Should you visit the place? You can find Bitcoin Bar […]

  • The best nightclubs in Krakow

    Are you looking for a place to spend the night in Krakow? Would you like to stay up and party instead of going to bed early? Where should you dance and have fun with your friends after midnight in Krakow? Here is a list presenting some of Krakow’s best nightclubs and party places. Even though […]

  • The distance between Lisbon and other European capitals.

    Would you like to travel between Lisbon and other major cities in Europe? How far is it? Here you will find the distance between Lisbon and several European capitals and big cities. These distances and travel times are estimates and may vary depending on the route taken, traffic conditions, and […]