New design on our Budapest Guide

We have city guides about some of the most important and interesting European capitals. For several years we haven’t touched the design of any of those websites, but now we have started with some small refreshments!

For a long time our Budapest Guide looked something like this.

This is the Danish version at
This is the Danish version at

But, now we have given the site a brand new design. In the new design there is much more space set aside for images, and it has a much more modern look to it all. So, this is what our Swedish Budapest Guide looks like at the moment… quite a difference compared to the old design.

The new design of the Budapest Guide
The new design of the swedish site at

If you around in the different articles and the pages you will quickly notice that there has been set aside more space for images, and we hope you will be pleased with whatever you find.

Have you taken a look at the new designs? Do you like it?

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